Pages - Formatting Characters (Invisibles)

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Formatting Characters (Invisibles)

Each time you press the Space bar, the Tab key, or the Return key, or add a column,
layout, page break, or section break, Pages inserts a formatting character in the
document. These formatting marks are called invisibles because, by default, you can’t
see them.

Making formatting characters visible is often useful, especially when you’re formatting
a more complex document. For example, you can change your document format by
selecting an invisible and then pressing the Delete key to remove formatting.

To see invisibles:


Click View in the toolbar and choose Show Invisibles.


To make invisibles stand out better, you can change their color. Choose Pages >

Preferences, click General, click the Invisibles color well, and then select a color.

The table below shows what each formatting character represents.

Invisible character



Nonbreaking space (Option-Space bar)


Line break (Shift-Return)

Paragraph break (Return)

Page break

Column break (“Defining Column Breaks” on
page 51)

Layout break (“Defining Layout Breaks” on
page 51)

Section break (“Creating Sections” on page 59)

Anchor point (for inline objects with text