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Word Processing Templates

Use Word Processing templates to create text-intensive documents, such as letters
and reports.

Here are the distinguishing features of a Word Processing template:

Text flows from one page to another. See “


Understanding Text” on page 78 for

more information.
You can add and edit a table of contents in your document. See “


Using a Table of

Contents” on page 64 for more information.
Page thumbnails are hidden by default. See “


Viewing Thumbnails” on page 60 for

more information.
Only a horizontal ruler is available by default. See “


Rulers and Alignment Guides” on

page 27 for more information.
You can also display the vertical ruler in a Word Processing template. See “Changing
Ruler Settings” on page 96 for more information.
Word Processing templates contain floating and inline objects. For more information


about working with floating and inline objects, see “What Are Floating and Inline
Objects?” on page 137.