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Rulers and Alignment Guides

As you move objects around in a document, alignment guides automatically appear to
help you position objects on the page. See “Using Alignment Guides” on page 161 for
details about using the alignment guides.

Rulers help you set
margins and tabs where
you want them.

Blue icons on the top ruler indicate
text indents and tab settings. Drag
them to reset the position of text.

Gray rectangles inside
the rulers indicate
column margins. Drag
the rectangles to change
the column gutter widths.

Use the horizontal ruler to set tab stops, page margins, and column widths. You can
also display the vertical ruler in a Word Processing template. For more information,
see “Changing Ruler Settings” on page 96, “Setting Indents” on page 97, and “Defining
Columns” on page 50.