Pages - Scroll Bars, Scroll Arrows, and Thumbnails

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Scroll Bars, Scroll Arrows, and Thumbnails

You can use the scroll bars, Previous Page and Next Page arrows, page thumbnails, and
the “Go to Page” button to move around in a document.

Drag the vertical
scroller to quickly scroll
up and down.

Click the scroll arrows to
move forward or backward
in small increments.

Click the Previous Page or Next
Page arrows to navigate a page
at a time, or click the Action
menu to navigate by section,
page, element, or style.

Drag the horizontal
scroller to scroll left
and right.

Click a thumbnail to

display a particular page.

Click the Page button

to switch to the

“Go to Page” field.

Drag left or right to resize

the thumbnail pane and

resize thumbnails.

Here are ways to navigate through a document:
To move forward or backward in small increments, click the scroll arrows.


To scroll quickly, drag the vertical scroller up or down, or drag the horizontal scroller


from left to right.
In Mac OS X v10.7 (Lion) or later, scroll bars are displayed according to the settings in
your Mac OS X preferences.
To move forward or backward one page at a time, click the Previous Page button


(looks like an up arrow) or the Next Page button (looks like a down arrow) at the
bottom of the document window.
To navigate to the next or previous document item of your choosing, click the Action


menu at the bottom of the window and select a document item (such as a section,
comment, hyperlink, or paragraph style), and then click the scroll arrows.

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To go to a specific page in a document, click View in the toolbar and choose Page


Thumbnails. Then click in the thumbnail view to go to a particular page. You can also
navigate to a page in a document by clicking the Page button in the lower left of the
document window, typing the specific page number in the “Go to Page” field, and then
pressing Return.
To show facing pages in the thumbnail view, select Facing Pages in the Document


inspector’s Document pane. To open the Inspector window, click Inspector in the
toolbar, and click the Document button.
See “Viewing Thumbnails” on page 60 for more information about using thumbnails.

If your keyboard has them, you can also use the Page Up, Page Down, Home, End, and
arrow keys to move around.