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The Fonts Window

Using the Mac OS X Fonts window—accessible from any application—you can change
a font’s typeface, size, and other options.

Create interesting

text effects using

these buttons.

The Action menu

Choose a typeface to
apply to selected text.

Find fonts by typing a font

name in the search field.

Choose a font size to
apply to selected text.

Apply a shadow to
selected text. Modify
the shadow using the
opacity, blur, offset,
and angle controls.

Preview the selected

typeface (you might need to

choose Show Preview from

the Action menu).

To open the Fonts window:
Click Fonts in the toolbar.


Use the Fonts window to select fonts, font sizes, and other font formatting features,
including text shadows and strikethrough.
Here is a summary of what the text effects buttons do, from left to right:

The Text Underline pop-up menu lets you choose an underline style (such as single


or double).
The Text Strikethrough pop-up menu lets you choose a strikethrough style (such as


single or double).
The Text Color pop-up menu lets you apply a color to text.


The Document Color pop-up menu lets you apply a color behind a paragraph.


The Text Shadow button applies a shadow to selected text.


The Shadow Opacity, Shadow Blur, Shadow Offset, and Shadow Angle controls


control the appearance of the shadow.

If you don’t see the text effect buttons, choose Show Effects from the Action pop-up
menu (looks like a gear) in the lower-left corner of the Fonts window.

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If you frequently use the Fonts window, there are techniques for saving time. To
quickly locate fonts you frequently use, organize them into font collections. Click the
Add (+) button to create and name a font collection, and then drag the font name
from the Family list into the new collection.

If you like to change fonts often, leave the Fonts window open. Resize the Fonts
window using the control in the bottom-right corner of the window, so that only the
font families and typefaces in your selected font collection are visible.