Pages - The Warnings Window

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The Warnings Window

When you import a document into a Pages document, some elements might not
transfer as expected. The Warnings window lists any problems encountered. You
might get warnings in other situations, such as saving a document in an earlier
version of the application.

If Pages experiences any problems, you’ll see a message in which you can review the
warnings. If you choose not to review them, you can see the Document Warnings
window at any time by choosing View > Show Document Warnings.

If you see a warning about a missing font, you can select the warning and then click
Replace Font to choose a replacement font.

You can copy one or more warnings by selecting them in the Document Warnings
window and choosing Edit > Copy. You can then paste the copied text into an email
message, text file, or some other document.

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Create, open, import, password-protect, and save Pages

documents. Learn how to edit your Pages document in full-

screen mode.

Creating a New Document

To create a new Pages document, you pick the Word Processing or Page Layout
template that provides appropriate formatting and layout characteristics.

To create a new Pages document:


Open Pages by clicking its icon in the Dock or by double-clicking its icon in the Finder.


In the Template Chooser window, select a template category in the left column to

show related Word Processing or Page Layout templates, and then select the template
that best matches the document you want to create.