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Formatting Specific Chart Types

Pie charts, bar and column charts, and other specific chart types have special
formatting options.

For example, you can apply shadow to individual pie wedges, move wedges away from
the center of the pie, use different symbols for data points along different lines in line
charts, and more.

To learn how to

Go to

Set shadows and adjust spacing between chart
bars or columns

“Setting Shadows, Spacing, and Series Names on
Bar and Column Charts” on page 241

Format pie charts and individual wedges in them “Customizing the Look of Pie Charts” on page 237

Format line chart elements

“Customizing Data Point Symbols and Lines in
Line Charts” on page 242

Format area charts

“Showing Data Point Symbols in Area Charts” on
page 242

Format scatter charts

“Using Scatter Charts” on page 243

Format 2-axis and mixed-type charts

“Customizing 2-Axis and Mixed Charts” on
page 244

Format 3D charts

“Adjusting Scene Settings for 3D Charts” on
page 245