Pages - Adjusting Scene Settings for 3D Charts

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Adjusting Scene Settings for 3D Charts

For 3D charts, you can change the viewing angle and the lighting angle of the chart.

To adjust 3D scene settings:


Select a 3D chart, click Inspector in the toolbar, click the Chart button, and then

click Chart.


To change the chart’s viewing angle, drag an arrowhead in the blue arrow button until

you’ve situated the chart the way you want.


To change the lighting angle and intensity, select an option from the Lighting Style

pop-up menu that creates the look you want.


To change the depth of the chart elements, drag the Chart Depth slider. Dragging to

the right makes the chart elements appear to stretch out toward the viewer. If you
create a very deep chart, you may have to resize the chart to fit it on the page.


To enhance the edges on a 3D pie chart, select Show Bevel Edges.

To learn about other formatting options, see “Formatting Charts” on page 228.

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Use data stored in Address Book, vCards, and Numbers

documents to personalize letters, envelopes, and other Pages


Many Pages templates contain merge fields, which provide an automatic way to
insert names, phone numbers, addresses, and other data into a document. Merge
fields let you create a document, such as a letter or a contract, and then reuse it
for different individuals.

What Are Merge Fields?

You can insert any data you’ve defined for contacts in Address Book or a Numbers
document into Pages documents. You can also insert data from a virtual address card
(vCard) that someone has sent you. This way you can reuse a letter, contract, envelope,
or other document for multiple people. This feature is sometimes called mail merge.

When a Pages document contains merge fields, data is automatically inserted into the
fields. Merge fields identify which Address Book, Numbers, or vCard data to insert and
where to insert it.

A document can contain two kinds of merge fields:



sender field displays information about the document’s distributor. For example, a

letter can be formatted with a header that uses sender fields to display a company’s
name, address, and phone number.
Pages automatically fills sender fields with data from the Address Book card that’s
designated My Card.


merge field displays data from your Address Book or Numbers document. For

example, you can use merge fields to insert a person’s name at various locations
in a letter.