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Customizing the Look of Pie Charts

One pie chart represents a single data set, and each wedge is one data point value in
that set (the first data point from each data series). If the data series are in rows, only
the first column is used in creating the chart; if the data series is in columns, only the
first row is used in creating the chart. You can any chart data set by moving it to the
first row or column of the table.

To adjust the look of an individual pie wedge, you must first select the pie chart, and
then select the wedges you want to change.

Here are ways to select pie wedges in a selected pie chart:
To select any wedge, click it.


To select all the wedges, select any wedge and press Command-A.


To select nonadjacent wedges, hold down the Command key as you select each wedge.


To select a continuous range of wedges, select the first wedge, and then hold down


the Shift key as you select the last wedge.

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