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Changing Pie Chart Colors and Textures

To change chart colors and textures:


To fill series elements with specially designed colors or textures, click Inspector in the

toolbar, click the Chart button, and then click Chart Colors. Choose a fill type
(for example, 3D Texture Fills) from the first pop-up menu, and choose a fill collection
(for example, Marble or Wood) from the second pop-up menu. Then do one of
the following:
To fill all the wedges, click Apply All. The first fill is applied to elements in the first series,
the second fill to elements in the second series, and so on.
To fill a single wedge, drag the fill to the wedge.


To adjust the opacity, stroke, shadow, and other graphical attributes of individual pie

wedges, select the wedge you want to change, click the Graphic inspector button, and
then make the adjustments you want.
When adjusting the opacity and fill, note that dragging the Opacity pager at the
bottom of the Graphic inspector changes the opacity of the chart as a whole. To affect
only a selected series, select it, and then adjust the opacity of the color fill, gradient fill,
or tinted image fill, as needed. For more details, see “Adjusting Opacity” on page 170
and “Filling an Object with a Solid Color” on page 171.

To learn how to

Go to

Use one of your own images as a fill

“Filling an Object with an Image” on page 173

Change the look of the line around the pie
or a wedge

“Changing the Style of Borders” on page 166

Change the shadows

“Adding Shadows to Pie Charts and Wedges” on
page 240

Change the depth qualities of a 3D pie chart

“Adjusting Scene Settings for 3D Charts” on
page 245


Chapter 10

Creating Charts from Data

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Chapter 10

Creating Charts from Data