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To learn more about the merge fields that Pages supports, see “Merge Field Names” on
page 250 for more information.

Merge Field Names

The following table summarizes the merge fields that Pages supports. The synonyms
are alternative names you can use to add a particular merge field value.

Merge field names

Field name synonyms


Name title, Name prefix

Last name

Last, Surname

First name

First, Given name, Forename


Name suffix, Professional suffix, Academic suffix


Maiden name

Job title


Job department



Chapter 11

Personalizing Documents with Address Book and Numbers Data

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Chapter 11

Personalizing Documents with Address Book and Numbers Data


Merge field names

Field name synonyms

Phone (first available number)

Main phone

Work phone

Home phone


Mobile phone, Mobile telephone, Cell phone,
Cell telephone, Cellular, Cellular phone, Cellular

Home fax

Work fax



Other phone

Email (first available address)

Email address

Work email

Home email

Other email

URL (first available URL)

Work URL

Home URL

Other URL


AIM (first available address)

IM, IM handle, IM name, IM address, Chat, Chat
handle, Chat name, Chat address

Work AIM

Work IM, Work IM handle, Work IM name, Work IM
address, Work chat handle, Work chat name, Work
chat address

Home AIM

Home IM, Home IM handle, Home IM name,
Home IM address, Home chat, Home chat handle,
Home chat name, Home chat address

Other AIM

Other IM, Other IM handle, Other IM name, Other
IM address, Other chat, Other chat handle, Other
chat name, Other chat address


Work Yahoo

Home Yahoo

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Merge field names

Field name synonyms

Other Yahoo


Street address (first available street address)


City (first available city)


State (first available state)


Zip code, Postal code

Country (first available country)

Work address

Work street address

Work street, Work address

Work city

Work town

Work state

Work zip

Work zip code, Work postal code

Work country

Home Address

Home street address

Home street, Home address

Home city

Home town

Home state

Home zip

Home zip code, Home postal code

Home country

Other address

Other street address

Other street, Other address

Other city

Other town

Other state

Other zip

Other zip code, Other postal code

Other country




Chapter 11

Personalizing Documents with Address Book and Numbers Data

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Learn the various ways you can print and share your

Pages document.

In addition to printing or faxing your document, you can share your document
electronically. By exporting to other document formats, you can collaborate with
others who use AppleWorks or Microsoft Word. You can also make your document
available as a PDF file, attach it to an iWeb blog entry, send it in an email, or share it on
the web.

Printing Your Document

Pages and Mac OS X provide you with tools to print all or part of your document in
various layouts and to adjust the color of the printed document.

To learn about

Go to

Changing the paper size and page layout before
you print

“Setting the Paper Size and Orientation” on
page 253
“Previewing a Document Before Printing It” on
page 254

Reviewing your document onscreen and printing
it with comments displayed

“Printing All or Part of Your Document” on
page 255
“Printing Comments” on page 256

Setting the Paper Size and Orientation

Before you print, you should make sure the paper size and orientation are set the way
you want by opening the Page Setup dialog.

To set paper size and orientation:


Choose File > Page Setup.


In the Page Setup dialog, choose the printer you will use from the “Format for” pop-

up menu.


Choose a standard paper size from the Paper Size pop-up menu.