Pages - Setting the Paper Size and Orientation

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Printing, Sharing, and Exporting

Your Document to Other Formats

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If you want to set a custom paper size, choose Manage Custom Sizes from the pop-up
menu. Otherwise, go to step 7.

Choose a printer to set
its default page margins.

Create a new custom

paper size.

Duplicate a selected paper size.

Delete a selected

paper size.


Click the Add (+) button, and then enter values in the Page Size fields.

Either choose your printer’s default margins from the pop-up menu, or enter your own
values for margins in the Left, Right, Top, and Bottom fields.
If you want to change the custom size’s name, double-click the name in the list and
enter a new name.


Click OK.


Choose the new paper size you named from the Paper Size pop-up menu, and then

click OK.


Select an orientation option using one of the buttons at the bottom of the Page

Setup dialog.


To make an image larger or smaller to fill more or less of the paper, type a percentage

value into the Scale field, and then click OK.
A value less than 100% makes the image smaller; a value greater than 100% makes the
image larger.