Pages - Sending a Pages Document to iWeb

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Sending a Pages Document to iWeb

If you use (or intend to use) iWeb to create a website, you can send a Pages document
directly to your iWeb blog or podcast. The document becomes an attachment that
your website visitors can download.

To send a document to iWeb:


Make sure you have iWeb ’08 or later installed.


Open your Pages document and choose Share > “Send to iWeb” > PDF, or Share >

“Send to iWeb” > Pages.
PDF: Creates a PDF version of your document.
Pages: Creates an archive version of your document.


If iWeb wasn’t open, it opens, and you can choose a new or existing blog or podcast

to attach your document to. If you have only one blog or podcast, the document is
attached to it.

When you publish your website, visitors who subscribe to your blog or podcast will
automatically get the latest attachments sent to their iTunes library (PDF publish only).

For more information about using iWeb to design and publish webpages, open iWeb
and choose Help > iWeb Help.

Sending password-protected PDFs to iWeb isn’t supported.


Chapter 12

Printing, Sharing, and Exporting Your Document to Other Formats

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Create your own document templates.

This chapter assumes you are already familiar with the design and formatting features
of Pages described in earlier chapters.

Designing a Template

The templates that come with Pages provide ideas for page designs as well as the look
of charts, tables, and text. You can modify the following attributes of these templates
to create your own templates:

Page orientation


Page layout and section formatting


Page margins


Page numbering


Background graphics (watermarks)


A variety of text styles, including body text, headers, footers, callouts, and so on


Table of contents styles


Bullet and numbering styles


Object fills and line styles for objects


Chart colors and styles


The look of tables


Additional template page designs


Creating your own template can be as simple as adding your company logo to an
existing template, but you can also add images, change placeholder text, or define
new text styles. Or you can start with a blank document and create your own template.