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Defining Default Attributes in a Custom Template

A template must have default values defined for the following document elements:

Paragraph, character, and list styles


Table of contents attributes


Text box attributes


Shape attributes


Table attributes


Chart attributes


Imported graphics attributes


You can customize any of these for the template you are creating, or you can use the
default settings that already exist in the template you started with (including the Blank
and Blank Canvas templates).

You can modify an existing style or create a new style if you don’t find a paragraph,
character, or list style with exactly the look you want. See “Creating New Styles” on
page 126 for more information.

Consider including a formatted table of contents in your Word Processing template.
See “Using a Table of Contents” on page 64 for information.

To learn about

Go to

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and shapes

“Defining Default Attributes for Text Boxes and
Shapes” on page 267

Establishing the default number of rows, columns,
and other attributes in a table

“Defining Default Attributes for Tables” on
page 268

Setting up a chart type and appearance

“Defining Default Attributes for Charts” on
page 269

Setting default shadows, opacity, and other
settings for imported graphics

“Defining Default Attributes for Imported
Images” on page 270