Pages - Defining Default Attributes for Imported Images

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Defining Default Attributes for Imported Images

For imported graphics, you can set default shadows, opacity, and outline (stroke) color.

To set default image attributes:


Place an image on the page.

See “Working with Images” on page 138.


Select the image, and then set its attributes.

See “Adding Shadows” on page 168 to learn how to add a shadow.
See “Adjusting Opacity” on page 170 to learn how to adjust transparency.
See “Changing the Style of Borders” on page 166 for information about borders around
imported images.
See “Adding a Reflection” on page 169 for information about adding reflections to
imported images.
See “Framing Objects” on page 167 for information about adding graphical borders
around imported images.


Set text wrapping around the image.

See “Wrapping Text Around an Inline or Floating Object” on page 113 for instructions.


Choose Format > Advanced > Define Default Image Style.


Delete the image from the page.