Pages - Creating a New Document

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Chapter 2

Creating, Opening, and Saving a Document


Scan the page types available in many of the Pages templates by moving the pointer
from right to left over a template icon in the Template Chooser. You can change
the size of the template icons by adjusting the slider at the bottom of the Template
Chooser window.

If you want to begin in a document without any text or media placeholders, select
Blank under Page Layout or Word Processing.
In a Blank page layout document, text is added by inserting a text box and then typing
in the text box. To add text to a Blank word processing document, begin typing.


Click Choose.

A new document opens on your screen.

If you don’t see the Template Chooser when you first open Pages, you can make it
appear by setting a preference in Pages preferences. Choose Pages > Preferences, click
General, and then select “For New Documents: Show Template Chooser.”

Alternatively, you can set Pages to automatically open a Blank document or the
document template of your choice every time you open the application. Choose
Pages > Preferences, click General, select “For New Documents: Use template,” and then
click Choose. Select a template, and then click Choose.