Pages - Opening an Existing Document

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Opening an Existing Document

There are several ways to open a document that was created using Pages.

Here are ways to open a Pages document:
To open a document when you’re working in Pages, click “Open an Existing File” in the


Template Chooser window, select the document, and then click Open. You can also
choose File > Open, select the document, and then click Open.
To open a document you’ve worked with recently, choose your document from the


Open Recent pop-up menu at the bottom left of the Template Chooser window.
Alternatively, you can choose File > Open Recent and choose the document from the
To open a Pages document from the Finder, double-click the document icon or drag it


to the Pages application icon.
To open a password-protected Pages document, double-click the document icon, type


the document password in the Password field, and then click OK.
If you enter an incorrect password, click OK in the dialog that appears, type the correct
document password, and then click OK.

You can open a Pages document created using an older version of Pages (from
iWork ’05, iWork ’06, or iWork ’08). To take advantage of new features, save the
document in Pages ’09 format. To preserve a document for use with iWork ’08, save
it in the iWork ’08 format. See “Saving a Document as an iWork ’08 or Microsoft Word
Document” on page 260.

If you see a message that a font or file is missing, you can still use the document. Pages
substitutes fonts for missing fonts. To use missing fonts, quit Pages and add the fonts
to your Fonts folder (for more information, see Mac Help). To make missing movies or
sound files appear, add them to the document again.