Pages - Finding an Archived Version of a Document

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Finding an Archived Version of a Document

If you saved archived versions of your document on Mac OS X v10.7 (Lion) or later,
you can browse the archive to identify any earlier version that you want to restore
or reference. After you identify the archived version that you want, you can restore it
as a fully editable copy, or you can just extract from it any text, images, or document
settings that you want to use again.

To browse archived versions of your document:


Open the document for which you want to access older versions, and hold your

pointer over the name of the document at the top of the Pages application window.


Chapter 2

Creating, Opening, and Saving a Document

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Chapter 2

Creating, Opening, and Saving a Document


A triangle appears.


Click the triangle and choose Browse All Versions.

The view changes to show snapshots of all saved versions of the document receding
against a background of stars. A timeline along the right side of the screen indicates
when the frontmost version on the right was saved.

Past document versions

Current document version

Click to restore the version currently

viewable on the right side of the screen.

Click to leave this view without

restoring an older version.

Drag along the timeline to see

versions saved at different times

in the past.


Drag the handle along the timeline to move back through time and look at older

versions of the document.


When you find a version that you want to inspect more closely, click its image.

The version moves to the foreground, where you can click different documents
to view them, select items on a page, open the Inspectors, and copy objects or
inspector settings.


Do any of the following:

To completely restore the older version, click Restore when the version you want


is in the foreground. The restored document appears on your regular desktop,
replacing the last version you were working on prior to viewing the older versions.
(That version is then saved in the timeline, if you want to retrieve it.)

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To restore only an object or inspector setting from the older version, copy the object


or setting by selecting it and pressing Command-C, and then click Done to return to
your regular desktop. Paste the object or setting where it’s appropriate by pressing
To compare the older version side-by-side with the current version, click


Current Document.


To return to your regular desktop, click Done.