Pages - Saving a Copy of a Document

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Saving a Copy of a Document

If you want to duplicate your open document, you can save it using a different name
or location.

To save a copy of a document in Mac OS X v10.7 (Lion) or later:


Choose File > Duplicate.

An untitled copy of the document is created. Both copies remain open on your
desktop for you to view or edit.


Close the window of the untitled copy, type the document’s name, and then choose a

location from the pop-up menu.


Click Save.

To save a copy of a document in Mac OS X v10.6.x (Snow Leopard) or earlier:
Choose File > Save As, and then specify a name and location.


When the document is copied in this way, the original document is closed; the
document that remains open on your desktop is the new copy you created. To work
with the original version, choose File > Open Recent and choose the previous version
from the submenu.

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You can also automate creating duplicate versions of the document every time you
save, retaining the name and location of the original, but with the words “Backup of”
preceding the filename. See “Saving a Backup Version of a Document Automatically” on
page 40.