Pages - Adding a Footnote

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Adding a Footnote

In a word processing document, you can add special marks in a document that link to
notes at the bottom of the page. These notes are called footnotes.

To add a footnote:


Click Inspector in the toolbar, click the Document button, and then click Document.


Choose Use Footnotes from the Footnotes & Endnotes pop-up menu.


Choose a numbering format from the Format pop-up menu.

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Choose whether footnotes are continuous or restart on each page or section from the

Numbering pop-up menu.


Place the insertion point in the main text flow (not in a text box, table, or other object)

where you want the footnote mark to appear.


Choose Insert > Footnote.

A footnote mark appears, and the insertion point moves to the corresponding
footnote field at the bottom of the page.


Type the footnote information.

In addition to text, you can use inline shapes, graphics, and other objects; see “What
Are Floating and Inline Objects?” on page 137 for instructions.