Pages - Adding an Endnote at the End of a Document

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Adding an Endnote at the End of a Document

In a word processing document, you can add special marks in a document that link to
notes at the end of the document. These notes are called document endnotes.

To add a document endnote:


Click Inspector in the toolbar, click the Document button, and then click Document.


Choose Use Document Endnotes from the Footnotes & Endnotes pop-up menu.


Choose a numbering format from the Format pop-up menu.


Choose whether endnotes are continuous or restart on each page or section from the

Numbering pop-up menu.


Place the insertion point in the main text flow (not in a text box, table, or other object)

where you want the endnote mark to appear.


Choose Insert > Endnote.

An endnote mark appears, and the insertion point moves to the corresponding
endnote field at the end of the document following a section break. If you don’t want
the endnotes on a new page, delete the section break.


Type the endnote information.

In addition to text, you can use inline shapes, graphics, and other objects; see “What
Are Floating and Inline Objects?” on page 137 for instructions.