Pages - Creating Sections

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Creating Sections

Each Pages template consists of one or more predefined sections. Every time you add
pages to the document by using the Sections (word processing) or Pages (page layout)
button in the toolbar, you add a new section.

In a page layout document, each page is one section. You can use the predefined
sections as they are, or you can modify or remove them one page at a time.

In a word processing document, you can use the predefined sections as they are, or
you can create or remove section breaks to define your own sections.

To add section breaks in word processing documents:
Place the pointer where you want the break to occur, and then choose Insert > Section


Break, or click Sections in the toolbar and choose an item from the list.
When you show invisibles in your document (click View in the toolbar and then choose
Show Invisibles), a section break symbol marks the location of the section break.

The new section has the same formatting as the previous section until you change it.
Changes you make to master objects, headers, footers, or page numbering apply only
to the section in which you make the changes. See “Using Master Objects (Repeated
Background Images)” on page 63 for information about master objects.

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To remove a section break, click at the beginning of the line that follows the break and
press the Delete key.

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