Pages - Viewing Thumbnails

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Viewing Thumbnails

Using thumbnail view is a good way to get an overview of your Pages document.

Here are ways to view thumbnails:
To show the thumbnail view in a word processing document, click View in the toolbar


and choose Page Thumbnails. In a page layout document, thumbnails are displayed
by default.
To hide the thumbnail view, click View in the toolbar and deselect Page Thumbnails.
To show facing pages in the thumbnail view, select Facing Pages in the Document


inspector’s Document pane.
To go to a specific page, click its thumbnail. The page appears in the main viewing area


and the page’s thumbnail is highlighted to indicate your place in the document.
You can also navigate to a page in a document by clicking the Page button in the
lower left of the document window, typing the specific page number in the “Go to
Page” field, and then pressing Return.

You can make the thumbnail view area wider and page thumbnails larger by adjusting
the resize control located at the bottom right of the thumbnail column.