Pages - Managing Document Settings

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Managing Document Settings

To open the Document inspector:
Click Inspector in the toolbar, and then click the Document button.


Use the TOC pane to set

up a table of contents for

the document.

Use the Info pane to see document
statistics, such as word count, date,
and keywords.

Use the Page Setup dialog to specify
paper size and orientation.

Select the kind of note to create.

Adjust the space between notes.

Use any available font ligatures
throughout the document.

Choose a footnote or endnote style.

Set up margins for the left, right, top,
and bottom edges of the page.

Select to password-protect your document.

Use automatic

hyphenation throughout

the document.

Select to add headers and

footers to a document.

The Document

inspector button

Formatting set in the Document inspector applies to the entire document.

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To open the Layout inspector:
Click Inspector in the toolbar, and then click the Layout button.


Use the Section pane to set up page
number, facing-page, and other
section attributes.

Deselect to set unequal column widths.

Select a column or gutter width and
type a new value.

Set the margins for the current layout.

Set the number

of columns.

Select to start the

current layout at

the top of a page.

Set the space between

the current layout and

the preceding and

following layouts.

The Layout inspector button

You use the Layout inspector to set up text column layouts. You can also control
formatting options for document sections, such as chapters; for example, you can
create a different first page, left page, and right page layout for each section.