Pages - Using Headers and Footers

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Using Headers and Footers

You can have the same text or graphic appear on multiple pages in a document.
Recurring information that appears at the top of the page is called a header; at the
bottom it’s called a footer.

You can put your own text or graphics in a header or footer, and you can use formatted
text fields
. Formatted text fields allow you to insert text that is automatically updated.
For example, inserting the date field shows the current date whenever you open the
document. Similarly, page number fields keep track of page numbers as you add or
delete pages.


Chapter 3

Working with Document Parts

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Chapter 3

Working with Document Parts


To define the contents of a header or footer:


Click View in the toolbar and choose Show Layout.

You can see the header and footer areas at the top and bottom of the page.


To add text or graphics to a header or footer, place the insertion point in the header or

footer and type or paste text or graphics.
To add page numbers or other changeable values, see the instructions in “Adding Page
Numbers and Other Changeable Values” on page 115.

Whatever you type in a header or footer is repeated on every page. If you want
to change the header and footer text in different sections of your document, see
“Changing Headers and Footers in a Section” on page 61.