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Using Layouts

In Pages, you can vary the design in a page layout document by creating columns in text
boxes, and in a word processing document through layouts separated by layout breaks.

For more information about working with text boxes in page layout documents, see
“Using Text Boxes, Shapes, and Other Effects to Highlight Text” on page 104.

In a word processing document, layouts are separated by layout breaks. A layout is
part of a document in which you’ve defined specific column attributes and space
around the columns, called the layout margin.

You can have multiple layouts in a section of your document, or even on a single page.

To learn about

Go to

Creating columns and controlling text flow from
one column to another

“Defining Columns” on page 50
“Defining Column Breaks” on page 51

Changing layout characteristics in a word
processing document

“Defining Layout Breaks” on page 51
“Defining Layout Margins” on page 52