Pages - Defining Column Breaks

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Defining Column Breaks

A column break ends the text flow in one column (leaving the rest of the column
blank) and continues it in the next.

To create a column break:


Click after the word where you want to end the text flow.


Choose Insert > Column Break.

The text breaks where you placed the insertion point and continues in the next text
column. If you insert a column break in a single-column layout, the text continues at
the top of the next page.

When you show invisibles in your document (click View in the toolbar and choose
Show Invisibles), a column break symbol marks the location of the column break.

This column break symbol is a formatting character called an invisible. See “Formatting
Characters (Invisibles)” on page 21 for more information about invisibles.

To delete a column break, click at the beginning of the line that follows the break and
press the Delete key.