Pages - Using Master Objects (Repeated Background Images)

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Using Master Objects (Repeated Background Images)

You may want to add watermarks, logos, or other background images that appear in
the same spot on every page of your word processing documents. These repeated
graphics are called master objects.

If your document is divided into sections, you can put different master objects in each
section. Within a section, you can put a different master object on the first page of the
section and on right and left pages in the section. See “Setting Up a Unique Format
for a Section’s First Page” on page 62 and “Formatting Facing Pages in a Section” on
page 62 for more information.

To add a master object to your word processing document:


Add an object.

See “What Are Floating and Inline Objects?” on page 137 for information about
floating objects.


Position the object wherever you want it on the page.


Choose Format > Advanced > “Move Object to Section Master,” and make sure that

Format> Advanced > Make Master Objects Selectable does not have a checkmark
next to it.
The selection handles disappear from the object, so you can no longer select it.

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To edit or move a master object, you must first make master objects selectable for the
entire document by choosing Format > Advanced > Make Master Objects Selectable
if that option has no checkmark in front of it. Selectable master objects look different
from other objects because they have blue selection handles.

Master objects have
blue selection handles.