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Creating an Outline

In a word processing document, you can create an outline of topics and subtopics
that’s easy to organize and view in different ways. If you already have a word
processing document you want to turn into an outline, just click Outline in the toolbar.
Or choose an outline template from the Template Chooser.


Chapter 5

Working with Text

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Chapter 5

Working with Text


To create and organize an outline:


In a word processing document, click Outline in the toolbar or choose View > Show

Document Outline, and then begin typing.


Press Return to add a new outline topic.

If a topic’s text is too lengthy, click the truncation button in the format bar to display
only the first line.

Choose the number of
outline levels to display.

Show only the first line of
paragraphs in an outline.

Show objects as thumbnails
or actual size in an outline.


Press Tab to add a subtopic. Press Return to add another subtopic.

Indent subtopics up to nine levels by pressing Tab or clicking the Promote and
Demote buttons in the format bar.

Click to promote or demote
outline topics or convert
selected text to body text.

Choose paragraph and character
styles for selected text.


Add inline images, tables, and movies to outline topics and subtopics. To display an

image or movie at a smaller size, choose Thumbnail from the pop-up menu in the
format bar.
When images, tables, and movies are full size, they are editable.


Double-click an Outline control to expand or collapse all the subtopics of a topic at

that level.
Choose how many levels of your outline are displayed using the Levels pop-up menu
in the format bar.


Click an Outline control and drag it to rearrange topics and subtopics.

Drag Outline controls up or down to reorder topics within the same outline level.
Drag Outline controls left or right to promote or demote topics or subtopics to a
different outline level.

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When you move a topic, all of its subtopics move with it.

Drag outline controls to move topics and related
subtopics in an outline, or double-click controls
to expand or collapse outline topics.


To exit outline mode, click Outline in the toolbar or choose

View > Hide Document Outline.
For information about saving your document in outline mode, see “Saving a Document
in Outline Mode” on page 42.

The Outline controls don’t appear on printed documents. To add numbers or bullets to
your outline, click the Styles drawer button in the format bar, and select one of the List
style options.