Pages - Changing Fonts 

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Changing Fonts

When text is selected, quickly change font family, type, size, color, and background
color using the controls in the format bar.

The Fonts window gives you extensive control over fonts. Use size controls and
typography settings to customize the appearance of your text.

To modify the font of selected text:


Click Fonts in the toolbar.


In the Fonts window, select a font style in the Family column, and then select the

typeface in the Typeface column.
If you don’t see all the font families you know are installed on your computer, select All
Fonts in the Collections column or type the name of the font you are looking for in the
search field at the bottom of the Fonts window.
A preview of the selected font appears in the preview pane at the top of the Fonts
window. If you don’t see a preview pane, choose Show Preview from the Action pop-
up menu in the lower-left corner of the Fonts window.


Adjust the font size using the size slider or other size controls.


Adjust the typography settings of the selected font by choosing Typography from the

Action pop-up menu. In the Typography window, click the disclosure triangles to see
and select the different typography effects that are available for the selected font.
Different fonts have different typography effects available. See “Using Advanced
Typography Features” on page 89 for more information.