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Typing Special Characters and Symbols

Using the Mac OS X Characters window, you can insert special characters, such as
mathematical symbols, letters with accent marks, arrows and other “dingbats,” and
more. You can also use this palette to enter Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified
Chinese, and Korean characters, as well as characters from other languages.

To insert special characters or symbols:


Place the insertion point where you want the special character or symbol to appear.


Choose Edit > Special Characters to open the Characters window (or choose Characters

from the Action pop-up menu in the lower-left corner of the Fonts window).


Choose the type of characters you want to see from the View pop-up menu at the

top of the Characters window. If you don’t see the View menu, click the button in the
upper-right corner of the window to show the top portion of the window. Click this
button again to hide the top portion of the window.


Click an item in the list on the left to see the characters that are available in

each category.


Double-click the character or symbol on the right that you want to insert into your

document, or select the character and click Insert.
If the character or symbol has variations, they appear at the bottom of the window
when you click the Character Info triangle or Font Variation triangle at the bottom of
the palette. Double-click one to insert it in your document.


Chapter 5

Working with Text

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Chapter 5

Working with Text


If the character doesn’t appear in your document, Pages may not support that character.