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Using Advanced Typography Features

Some fonts, such as Zapfino and Hoefler, have advanced typography features, which
let you create different effects. If you are using a font in a text box that has different
typography effects available, you can change many of the effects in the Font submenu
of the Format menu. For example, you may be able to adjust the following:
Tracking: Place characters closer together or farther apart.
Ligature: Use or leave out stylish flourishes between letters or at the end or beginning
of lines that combine two or more text characters into one glyph.

Ligature not used

Ligature used

In the Ligature submenu, choose Use Default to use ligature settings specified in the
Typography window for the font you’re using. Choose Use None to turn off ligatures
for selected text, or choose Use All to turn on additional ligatures for the selected text.

Advanced typography features are available in the Typography window.

To open the Typography window:


Click Fonts in the toolbar.


In the Fonts window, choose Typography from the Action pop-up menu (in the lower-

left corner).

To enable ligatures for an entire document, Click Inspector in the toolbar, click the
Document button, click Document, and then select “Use ligatures.” To turn off ligatures
for a specific paragraph, click in the paragraph, open the Text inspector, click More, and
then select “Remove ligatures.”