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Setting Text Alignment, Spacing, and Color

The primary tools for adjusting text attributes are the format bar and the Text
inspector. You can make some horizontal alignment adjustments (such as centering
text or aligning it on the left) by using the Format menu.

Color and alignment controls are also available on the format bar when text is
selected. When text in a text box, comment, or shape is selected, you can set the color
of text and its background, align text, and set line spacing.

To learn about

Go to

Aligning text

“Aligning Text Horizontally” on page 90
“Aligning Text Vertically” on page 91

Adjusting text spacing

“Setting the Spacing Between Lines of Text” on
page 91
“Setting the Spacing Before or After a
Paragraph” on page 92
“Adjusting the Spacing Between Characters” on
page 93

Adjusting text color

“Changing Text Color” on page 93