Pages - Adding New Template Pages

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Adding New Template Pages

Each page of a Pages template has a unique design. You can choose to use the page
design shown when the document first opens. Or, if the page design doesn’t meet
your needs, you can choose from additional pages designed to fit the template.

Adding new template pages lets you quickly add pages that already contain text,
images, tables, charts, or other formatting options you want to use.

To add a new template page:


Click in the section you want the new page to follow.

A section is a group of one or more pages that have the same layout, numbering, and
other document attributes. A chapter is an example of a section.


Click the Sections (Word Processing template) or Pages (Page Layout template) button

in the toolbar, and choose a page type to add to your document.

Choose additional pages

from the Sections or

Pages pop-up menu.

See “Creating Sections” on page 59 for more information about working with sections.