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Linking to a Webpage

You can add a hyperlink that opens a webpage in your default web browser.

To add hypertext that opens a webpage:


Select the text that you want to turn into a hyperlink.

If you use text that starts with “www” or “http,” the text automatically becomes a
hyperlink. To turn off this feature, choose Pages > Preferences, click Auto-Correction,
and deselect “Automatically detect email and web addresses.” This setting is computer
specific, so if the document is opened on a computer with a different setting, that
computer’s setting is used instead.


Click Inspector in the toolbar, click the Link button, click Hyperlink, and then select

“Enable as a hyperlink.”


Choose Webpage from the Link To pop-up menu.


Type the webpage’s address in the URL field.

Type the URL that you want
to link to.

The Link inspector button

Select to disable all

hyperlinks so that you

can easily edit them.


Chapter 5

Working with Text

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Chapter 5

Working with Text


You can also quickly create a hyperlink using the Insert menu. Place the insertion point
somewhere in your document, and choose Insert > Hyperlink > Webpage. A link is
added to your document and the Link inspector opens. Type the webpage’s address in
the URL field.