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Adding an Inline Text Box

In a word processing document, you can add an inline text box that is anchored to
text on the page.

To add an inline text box:


In a word processing document, place the insertion point where you want the text box

to appear, and choose Insert > Text Box.
An inline text box appears at the insertion point on the page.
You can also create an inline text box by converting a floating text box. Click the Text
Box button in the toolbar; a floating text box appears. Click the floating text box to
select it, and then click the Inline button in the format bar.


In the text box, double-click the highlighted placeholder text and type.

The text box does not grow automatically if you enter too much text.
When you click away from a text box, its boundaries are visible only if you’re using
layout view. To use layout view, click View in the toolbar, and then choose Show Layout.


Drag the selection handles to resize the text box and reveal any hidden text.

The selection handles on the top and the left of inline text boxes are inactive. You can’t
drag these handles to resize the text box; you resize it by dragging the active handles,
which are solid white.


Drag the text box to position it on the page. When the insertion point is where you

want to place the text box, release the mouse.

To learn about changing the spacing between the text and the inside of the text box,
see “Changing the Inset Margin of Text in Objects” on page 98.