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Putting Text Inside a Shape

All shapes, except lines, can contain text.

To add text to a shape:


Place a shape where you want it on the page.

To learn about adding shapes, see “Adding a Predrawn Shape” on page 146 and
“Adding a Custom Shape” on page 146.


Double-click the shape and type the text you want.

If the text extends beyond the border of the shape, a clipping indicator appears.

The clipping indicator
shows that text
extends beyond the
borders of a shape.


To resize the shape, select it and drag the selection handles. (If the insertion point is

inside the shape, press Command-Return to get out of text editing mode and select
the shape.)
You can format the text within a shape. You can also rotate a shape while keeping its
text horizontal. After rotating the shape, choose Format > Shape > “Reset Text and
Object Handles.”


To add text to a shape that’s part of a group, double-click in the text area of any shape

in the group.
If you resize the group, everything resizes except for the text. Of course, you can still
select text and change its font size.
See “Grouping and Ungrouping Floating Objects” on page 163 for details about
grouping objects.