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Creating New Styles

Customize the look of text by creating a new character, paragraph, or list style.

To create a new character, paragraph, or list style:


For character and list styles, select some text.

For paragraph styles, click the Paragraph Styles button in the format bar, select Free
Form at the top of the Paragraph Styles list, and then select a paragraph of text.


Set up attributes for the selected text.

To format a paragraph style, see “Modifying Paragraph Styles” on page 129.
To format a list style, see “Modifying Bulleted or Numbered List Styles” on page 132 and
“Modifying a Tiered List Style for Ordered Lists” on page 131.
To format a character style, see “Modifying Character Styles” on page 127.


Hold down the Add (+) button at the bottom of the Styles drawer and choose “Create

New Character Style from Selection,” “Create New Paragraph Style from Selection,” or
“Create New List Style from Selection” from the pop-up menu.

Press and hold to
create a style.


Type a name for the new style.


If you want to include only some of the attributes you set in the new character style,

click the disclosure triangle below the Name field, and then select the attributes you


If you don’t want to apply the new style to the selected text, deselect “Apply this new

style on creation.”


Click OK.


Chapter 6

Working with Styles

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Chapter 6

Working with Styles


The new style is displayed in the Styles drawer and the character, list, or paragraph
style pop-up menus in the format bar.

After you have created a style, you can set up a keyboard shortcut for it. Select the
style in the Styles drawer, click the arrow to the right of the style and choose Hot Key,
and then select a keyboard option. To apply the style to selected text, press the hot
key you selected. If you want to apply the style and clear any overrides that may be
present, hold down the Option key while pressing the hot key.