Pages - Modifying Bulleted or Numbered List Styles

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Modifying Bulleted or Numbered List Styles

Change the look of bulleted or numbered lists by modifying the list style.

To modify a bulleted or numbered list style:


Click Inspector in the toolbar, click the Text button, and then click List.

Click to advance to the
next list indent level.

Adjust bullet size and
position relative to text.

Choose bullets or


Select an image for

image bullets.

Adjust bullet indentation
relative to the first
paragraph indent.

Set the text indent level

relative to the bullets.


Make sure the insertion point is visible on the page, click the List Styles button in the

format bar, and then select the bulleted or numbered list style that best matches the
one you want to design.


Choose one of the following bullet or numbering styles from the Bullets & Numbering

pop-up menu in the List pane of the Text inspector.
No Bullets: Choose this if you don’t want visible bullets, but you want to be able to
specify the amount of indentation for levels in an ordered list.
Text Bullets: Choose this to use a text character as the bullet. You can select one from
the list or type your own characters in the text field. Some fonts provide symbols that
can be used as interesting bullets. To use them, open the Characters window (choose
Format > Font > Show Fonts, then choose Characters from the Action pop-up menu).
Select the bullet symbol in the Text inspector, and then double-click the symbol of
your choice in the Characters window. Then press the Return key.

Select a color for
the text bullet.

For text bullets, choose

an available character

or type a character in

the text field.


Chapter 6

Working with Styles

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Chapter 6

Working with Styles


Image Bullets: Choose this to use one of the available image bullets provided by
Pages, and then select one in the list.

For image bullets, select
one from the list.

Custom Image: Choose this to use your own image as a bullet. Use the Open dialog to
locate and select the image file you want to use. (To change the image, click Choose or
drag a new image into the well.)
Numbers: Choose this to create a numbered list. You must also choose a numbering
style. You can choose Arabic numerals, Roman numerals, or letters.

For numbered lists, choose
a numbering style.

Restart numbering, or continue
with previous numbering.

Adjust number indentation
relative to page margin.

Adjust text indentation
relative to the bullet.


Format the bullets.

To increase or reduce the size of a bullet, specify a number in the Size field. Selecting
“Scale with text” maintains the image-to-text size ratio of the bullets even if you later
change the font size.
To position the bullet symbol higher or lower relative to the text, specify a number in
the Align box.
To set how far the bullets are indented from the margin, specify a number in the Bullet
Indent field. A higher number indents the list farther to the right.
To set how far text is indented from the bullet, specify a number in the Text Indent
field. A higher number indents the text farther to the right.


Click the Styles Drawer button in the format bar to open the Styles drawer.

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Notice that one of the list styles is highlighted. This is the style that has been applied
to the selected text. (If the list styles are not visible, click the button at the bottom of
the Styles drawer.) The arrow to the right of the style name is red, indicating that you
have applied overrides to the style by modifying it.


Click the red arrow to the right of the selected style in the Styles drawer and choose

an option.
Redefine Style from Selection: Redefines the existing list style for the entire
document. If you choose this, your formatting changes will apply to all other instances
of this style throughout the document.
Create New List Style from Selection: This doesn’t alter the existing style, but creates
a new style based on your formatting choices. If you select this, type a name for the
new style, and then click OK.