Pages - Resizing Objects

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Resizing Objects

You can resize an object by dragging its handles or typing exact dimensions.

Here are ways to resize objects:
To resize an object by dragging, select the object and then drag one of its selection


handles. To resize an object in one direction, drag a side handle instead of a corner
handle. For inline objects, only the bottom and right-side or right-corner selection
handles can be used.
To resize the object from its center, hold down the Option key as you drag.
To maintain an object’s proportions, hold down the Shift key as you drag. You can
also click Inspector in the toolbar, click the Metrics button, and then select “Constrain
proportions” before dragging.
To show the size of an object when you drag a selection handle, choose Pages >
Preferences, and then select “Show size and position when moving objects” in the
General pane.
To resize an object using exact proportions, select the object, click Inspector in the


toolbar, click the Metrics button, and then use the Width and Height controls.
To resize several objects at once, select the objects, click Inspector in the toolbar, click


the Metrics button, and then type new values in the Width and Height fields.
Select the object, and then click Original Size in the Metrics inspector.


When you have resized a very large image file, but you only need to use the smaller
version in your document, you can have Pages keep only a smaller copy of the image,
thus reducing the overall size of your document. See “Reducing Image File Sizes” on
page 142.

If you intend to greatly enlarge or reduce a graphic’s dimensions, consider converting
it to a PDF file before bringing it into Pages. PDF files don’t lose their crispness when
they are significantly resized. Other file types may not retain their clarity as well when
they are enlarged or reduced.


You can also convert an image on your desktop to a PDF file by using the Grab

application. Open Grab (it’s in the Applications/Utilities folder on your hard disk).
Choose Capture > Selection, and then select the image you want to make as a PDF.
Choose File > Print, and then click Preview to save the image as a PDF.