Pages - Grouping and Ungrouping Floating Objects

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Grouping and Ungrouping Floating Objects

You can group floating objects together so that they can be moved, copied, resized,
and oriented as a single object.

You can edit text associated with a shape or text object in a group, but you can’t
modify other attributes of individual objects in the group.

If you can’t select an object or a group of objects, it may be locked; you’ll need to
unlock it. To learn how, see “Locking and Unlocking Floating Objects” on page 164.

To group objects:
Hold down the Command (or Shift) key as you select the objects you want to group,


and choose Arrange > Group.

To ungroup objects:
Select the group, and then choose Arrange > Ungroup. If the group is locked, unlock


it first.

To select an individual object that’s been grouped with others:
Click the object you want to edit once to select the group, and again to select the


individual object.
If clicking once doesn’t select the individual object you want, it may be nested in many
layers of grouping. Click again until the object you want is selected.