Pages - Moving an Object Forward or Backward (Layering Objects)

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Moving an Object Forward or Backward (Layering Objects)

When floating objects overlap or when text and objects overlap, you can change the
order of objects in the stack.

To move a floating object in front or in back of text or another object:


Select the object you want to move.


To move an object a layer at a time, choose Arrange > Bring Forward or Arrange >

Send Backward.

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To move an object to the very top or bottom of the stack, choose Arrange > “Bring to

Front” or Arrange > “Send to Back.”

If you’re unable to select an object, it may be a background object. For more
information about working with background objects, see “Moving an Object to the
Background” on page 160.

If you frequently layer objects, you can add the Front, Back, Forward, and Backward
buttons to the toolbar to work more efficiently. To learn about customizing the toolbar,
see “The Toolbar” on page 21.