Pages - Adding Mathematical Expressions and Equations Using MathType

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Adding Mathematical Expressions and Equations Using


If you have MathType 6 installed, you can open it within Pages and use it to type
mathematical expressions and equations. After you’ve created an equation in
MathType 6, you can manipulate the equation as an image in Pages.

To type an equation using MathType 6 within Pages:


Place the pointer where you want the equation to appear.


Choose Insert > MathType Equation.

MathType 6 opens and the equation “E=mc


“ appears.


Chapter 7

Working with Images, Shapes, and Other Objects

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Chapter 7

Working with Images, Shapes, and Other Objects



Double-click the equation and type the equation you want, using the MathType 6

application window and tools.
Refer to MathType 6 Help for specific instructions on how to use this product.


When you’ve finished typing your equation, choose File > “Close and Return to Pages,”

and then click Yes in the window that appears to save the equation.


Drag the equation to wherever you want it on the page.

After you’ve closed MathType 6, Pages treats the equation as an object that you can
reposition, resize, reorient, group, layer, or even mask like an image. However, if you
mask the equation, you must unmask it in order to edit it further.


To edit the equation, double-click it to open MathType 6 again.

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This chapter explains how to add and format tables and their

rows and columns.

Tables help you organize, analyze, and present data.

Pages provides a wide variety of options for building and formatting tables and
handling values of different types. You can also use special operations such as
sorting and conditional formatting (a technique for automating the monitoring
of cell values). To learn more about working with table cells and their content, see
Chapter 9, “Working with Table Cells,” on page 191.

Working with Tables

Use a variety of techniques to create tables and manage their characteristics, size, and

To learn how to

Go to

Insert tables

“Adding a Table” on page 176

Use table tools

“Using Table Tools” on page 177

Make tables larger or smaller

“Resizing a Table” on page 179

Relocate tables

“Moving Tables” on page 180

Apply color and other visual effects to tables

“Enhancing the Appearance of Tables” on
page 180

Convert text into a table and vice versa

“Converting Text to a Table” on page 181

Share tables among iWork applications

“Copying Tables Among iWork Applications” on
page 181

Adding a Table

While some templates contain one or more predefined tables, you can add tables to
your Pages document.