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Adding a Custom Shape

You can use the Draw tool to create your own shapes.

When you first create a custom shape, it’s inserted as a floating object, but you can
make it an inline object if you like.

To create a custom shape:


Click Shapes in the toolbar, and then select the Draw tool (or choose Insert > Shape >

“Draw with Pen”).


Chapter 7

Working with Images, Shapes, and Other Objects

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Chapter 7

Working with Images, Shapes, and Other Objects


The pointer changes from an arrow to a small pen tip.


Click anywhere in your document to create the first point of the custom shape.


Click to create more points.

Each point you add is connected to the preceding point. To delete a segment you’ve
just created, press the Delete key. You can press Delete multiple times.


To stop drawing and close the shape (add a solid line between the last and first

points), click the first point.
To stop drawing and leave the shape open (no line between the last and first points)
so that you can work with the shape again later, press the Esc (Escape) key or double-
click the last point created.


To close or add more points to a shape that you previously left open, click once in

the shape to select it, and then click it a second time to show its points. Do any of
the following:

Double-click one of the two points at either end of the open segment; the pointer


changes to a pen tip.
To add points, click other locations as needed.


When you’re ready to stop drawing and close the shape, click the point at the end of
the open segment.


Select the shape’s border and drag it to wherever you want it on the page.

To change the shape’s contours, you must first make the shape editable; see “Editing
Shapes” on page 147.

To learn about manipulating and aligning shapes, and changing their general object
properties, such as color, border style (stroke), size, orientation, shadows, and more, see
“About Manipulating, Arranging, and Changing the Look of Objects” on page 157.