Pages - Adjusting Media Playback Settings

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Adjusting Media Playback Settings

If you don’t want to use an entire audio file or movie in your document or you want to
limit the playback only to certain parts, you can set this up in the QuickTime inspector.
You can also set the movie poster frame, which is the frame that displays until the
movie starts playing, and other playback options.

Set the playback volume.

Set playback repeat options.

Select the frame to

display until the movie

begins playing.

Use these controls to view
the movie or play sound as
you edit your document.

The QuickTime inspector

Start and stop a movie at
particular times.

The Play, Pause, Fast-Forward, and Rewind buttons available in the QuickTime inspector
can be used to play and preview a movie as you set the playback preferences
described here.

To set media playback preferences:


Click Inspector in the toolbar, and then click the QuickTime inspector button.


Click the movie or sound object to select it.

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If you want only part of a movie to play, set the start and stop frames or times by

dragging the Start and Stop sliders.
To limit playback of an audio file to only certain parts, drag the Start and Stop sliders.


To specify which still frame movie viewers will see until the movie starts playing, drag

the Poster Frame slider until you see the image you want.


Choose a repeat option from the Repeat pop-up menu:

None: Play only once.
Loop: Repeat continuously.
Loop Back and Forth: Play backward and forward continuously.


To increase or decrease the playback volume, drag the Volume slider to the right

or left.