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Selecting Table Cell Borders

Select cell border segments when you want to format them. A single border segment is
one side of a cell. A long border segment includes all adjacent single border segments.

Here are ways to select border segments:
To select specific borders for multiple cells, select the table, row, column, or cells, click


Inspector in the toolbar, and then click the Table button. Click one of the Cell Borders
buttons in the Table pane.
To select a border, select the table and click the border. If the table isn’t selected,


double-click the border.
When a table border is selected, clicking another border selects the border. Clicking
the same border selects a segment.
To select a border segment, select the table and double-click the segment. If the table


isn’t selected, click a segment three times. To select (or deselect) additional segments,
press the Shift or Command key while you click.
When a segment is selected, clicking another segment selects the segment. Clicking
the same segment selects the border.

When a cell, border, or segment is selected, the pointer appears to straddle the border
or segment. You can drag these pointers to move a border.

The pointer looks like this when
it’s over a horizontal segment.

The pointer looks like this when
it’s over a vertical segment.