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Resizing a Table

You can make a table larger or smaller by dragging one of its selection handles or
by using the Metrics inspector. You can also change the size of a table by resizing its
columns and rows.

Before resizing a table, you must select it, as “Selecting a Table” on page 182 describes.

Here are ways to resize a selected table:
Drag one of the square selection handles that appear when a table is selected. For inline


tables in a word processing document, only the active selection handles can be used.

Drag an active selection handle to
resize an inline or floating table.

To maintain a table’s proportions, hold down the Shift key as you drag to resize
the table.
To resize from the table’s center, hold down the Option key as you drag.
To resize a table in one direction, drag a side handle instead of a corner handle. For
inline tables, only the active selection handles can be used.

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To resize by specifying exact dimensions, click Inspector in the toolbar, and then click


the Metrics button. In this pane, you can specify a new width and height, control the
angle of rotation, and change the table’s distance from the margins.
If a table spans more than one page, you must use the Metrics inspector to resize
the table.
To resize by adjusting the dimensions of rows and columns, see “


Resizing Table Rows

and Columns” on page 188.