Pages - Formatting Table Cell Borders

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Formatting Table Cell Borders

You can change the line thickness and color of table cell borders. Or you can hide the
border of any cell.

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To format table cell borders:


Select the cell border segments you want to format. See “Selecting Table Cell

Borders” on page 184 for instructions.


Use the controls in the format bar or in the Table inspector.

Stroke pop-up menu: Lets you choose a stroke style. Choose None to hide borders.
Line thickness: Controls the thickness of the stroke.
Color well: Lets you choose a stroke color.
When you click the color well in the format bar, a color matrix appears. Select a
color by clicking it in the matrix, or click Show Colors to open the Colors window for
additional color options.
When you click the color well in the Table inspector, the Colors window opens. “The
Colors Window” on page 26 provides instructions for using this tool.