Pages - Using the Duration Format in Table Cells

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Using the Duration Format in Table Cells

Use the duration format for values that describe time increments, such as weeks, days,
hours, minutes, seconds, or milliseconds.

To define a duration format for selected cells:


Select the cell or cells.


Click Inspector in the toolbar, click the Table inspector button, and then click Format.


Choose Duration from the Cell Format pop-up menu.


Use the Units control to select the units you want to display for a duration value.

By default, hours, minutes, and seconds (h, m, and s) are displayed.
To choose a single unit, drag the left or right end of the slider toward the center until
it can get no shorter. Then click in the center of the slider and drag it over the unit you
want to use.
To choose more than one unit, resize and drag the slider until it’s over the units you
want to use.


From the Format pop-up menu, choose a display format.