Pages - Defining the Integers Element of a Custom Number Format

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Defining the Integers Element of a Custom Number Format

The Integers element lets you customize the appearance of integers in a table cell.

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After adding an Integers element to a custom number format, you can select it, click its
disclosure triangle, and use the items in its pop-up menu to customize the element’s
display attributes.

See “Creating a Custom Number Format” on page 207 to learn how to add an
Integers element.

Here are ways to use the Integer element’s pop-up menu:
To show or hide the thousands separator, choose Show Separator or Hide Separator.


To display zeros or spaces in front of the integer when it has fewer than a particular


number of digits, choose “Show Zeros for Unused Digits” or “Use Spaces for Unused
Digits.” Then increase or decrease the number of zeros or hyphens displayed in the
format field; choose Add Digit, Remove Digit, or “Number of Digits” from the pop-up
menu, or use the Up Arrow or Down Arrow key to set the number of digits.

When you choose

This number

Is displayed like this

Show Separator



Hide Separator



“Show Zeros for Unused Digits”
and set “Number of Digits” to 6